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We're going to switch over to my mom's side of the family now. And to keep things symmetric, since we started with my father's father, we'll start with my mother's mother, born Frieda Friedmann on 21 May 1911 in Nurenberg.

My grandmother's father, Hermann (1878-1931), was a kosher butcher, originally from Hüttenheim, in western Bavaria. From research that others have done, I know that his parents were Jonas Friedmann and Babette Ermanreuther, but I do not know anything beyond that about his family.

Hermann and Ella:


My grandmother's mother was Ella Erlanger, born 28 July 1875 in Ichenhausen. Ichenhausen, a town in Bavaria, plays a big part in this narrative, as both sides of my mother's family originally were from there, and there is extensive documentation of the Bissinger, Erlanger, and Gerstle families. The website Jewish Genealogy in Bavarian Swabia has many of these records scanned and indexed.

Ella's parents were Gabriel Erlanger and Amalie Gerstle, who married on 7 May 1872 in Ichenhausen. The Gerstles were well documented by Karen Spiegel Franklin in her book Eleven Generations of the Gerstle Family. (I'm in the supplement.) Many of the facts below come from her book.

My grandmother had an older brother, Julius, born on 11 Sept. 1906 in Nurenberg. Here's a photo of him with my grandmother:

Julius married a woman named Emily Wölfel, who had a daughter Martha Wölfel from a previous relationship. Here's a photo of Emily:

Emily was not Jewish, and Julius was arrested by the Nazis for this fact. Although they divorced on 23 Jan 1941, it was too late to save him. He was deported to Terezin on his 36th birthday, 11 Sept. 1942, and from there to Auschwitz in Sept. 1944. He was murdered in Buchenwald on 1 Mar 1945.

My great-grandmother Ella was also deported to Terezin and died there on 5 May 1944.

So, at least for now, the Friedmann story is a short one.

Not so on the Erlanger side, though! For this posting, I'm going to focus on my great-grandmother Ella's siblings and their descendants; later on, I'll work my way up the Erlanger and Gerstle trees.

A reminder: In general, I'm omitting the names and other details of people who are still living, except when they already have a prominent public web presence, or if I hear from them that they give me permission to include their names in these blog entries. I have sent email messages to many people alluded to without names in this blog posting, and I hope to update it over the next few days as I receive permission to include more details.

Ella had seven siblings: Emma, Gustav, Samuel, Minna, Sophie, Sara, and Levi.

Emma was born in 1870. I don't know anything more than that.

Gustav was born 27 Jan 1873 and died 17 Jan 1874.

Samuel was born 30 May 1874 and died in 1937. He married a woman named Fanny Cohn and they had a daughter Erna who lived from 1907-1934.

Ella, my great-grandmother, was born 28 July 1875 and I described her above.

Minna was born 23 Nov 1877. She married Jacob Heinsfurther (1876-1925); they had two children: Sofie (1906-1960) and Gus (1912-1987).

Sofie married a man named Richard Rosenberg. I do not know his dates, nor do I know if they had any children.

Gus, who shortened his name to Hines, was a successful businessman; his wife's name was Hilde Guckenheimer (1917-2007). Their daughter Judy moved to London; her husband Clive Callman was knighted on the Queen's Birthday honours list this past June; Judy and Clive have a son and a daughter and various grandchildren, whose details I'm omitting because of my privacy policy. Gus and Hilde's son Jack continues to run the family businesses; he and his wife have two sons but more than that I don't currently know.

Sophie Erlanger was born 14 Jan 1879. She married Hermann Hoenlein (1878-1941); our best information is that she was murdered in Riga during the Holocaust.

Sophie and Hermann had three children: Minna (b. 1912), who married Fritz Nachmann (1907-2001); Minna and their two sons live in the Philadelphia area with their families. Minna Hoenlein was interned in the UK as a potential enemy alien in 1940, just as my grandfather was.

Sophie and Hermann's daughter Friedl (1913-?) married Walter Dachauer (dates unknown); their son was named Denny (1938-1942); all three were murdered in the Holocaust.

Sophie and Hermann's third child, Ephraim "Gus" Hoenlein (1914-1991), got out before the war and, in 1940, moved to Philadelphia and married Erna Simon (1915-2010). Gus and Erna had two sons, one of whom is Malcolm Hoenlein, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. (I'm omitting the name of Malcolm's brother and the details of their families per my privacy policy.)

Sara was born 30 Dec 1880 and died 24 Nov 1883.

Levi was born 6 Feb 1882. He married Hedwig Guttmann and they had three children: Gustav, Rosi, and Arnold. Levi and Hedwig were murdered during the Holocaust.

Gus made it to Chicago in the late 1930s and, according to the 1940 US Census, he lived with his cousin Henry Grunbaum. On 17 Jan 1942 in Chicago he married Greta Fisher; they had a daughter.

Rosi married Hans Schendel and moved to Israel, where they had two sons who still live there with their families.

Arnold survived Auschwitz and met Rosetta "Zet" Wolf Franken in the DP camps after the war; she had been widowed and had a young child. They married and moved to Australia, where Gus Hines helped them settle in. Arnold wrote a very moving biography, Choose Life, which starts by describing his childhood in Ichenhausen, then his experiences during the Holocaust, and then how he and Zet built a new life in Australia. Arnold adopted Zet's daughter, and they had two more daughters; all live in Australia.


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